My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers (and those who love them) - Physics and Geometry
By Bertram A. Lewis, Jr
By K.L Lewis
34pp 8.5x11

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ISBN 9781937504977

The purpose of this book is to teach your child to think and to think correctly. My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers-Physics and Geometry will develop your child's confidence and self-esteem while creating an awareness of their surroundings, an awareness of behavior, and an awareness of their own thinking.

It is never too early to think about or do something about your child's education and future. From the time your child is conceived, you should begin thinking about how this new generation will improve their circumstances. Children should further your family in education, service, planet care, and giving. Each generation should set out to make improvements in themselves and in the world at large. The expectation for success and growth for your child must be as much embedded in your thinking as is their health and safety.

In My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers-Physics and Geometry (a part of the My Life in My Pocket series of books) there are twenty-five "pocket people" who demonstrate the basic concepts of physics and geometry. It is never too early to learn. Look for other books for preschoolers on literature, chemistry, health and fitness, and many other of life's subjects. These books help children see the world as a place of wonder and endless opportunity. Bertram, Shirley, Remington, Kat and the other twenty-one pocket people are looking forward to meeting your child.