You Are Beautiful - A Guide to Inner Peace
By Nadya Giusi
Illustrations By Eldon Dedini
144pp 6x9

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ISBN 9781937503987

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You Are Beautiful celebrates the truth that we are all beautiful. In seven simple steps - with some fanciful illustrations by the New Yorker cartoonist Eldon Dedini - this book shows us how to love ourselves so we can then love others and let them love us. It takes us on a journey inward, to the soul, where only love and beauty exist. It assures us that we are perfect and whole just as we are.

About The Author
Nadya Giusi has worked with families for forty-five years. Before becoming a marriage and family therapist in 1980, Giusi pioneered Montessori education on the Monterey Peninsula, establishing three schools and a teacher training center. In 2003 Giusi founded Families for Attitiudinal Healing, a non-judgmental educational approach dedicated to fostering peace-centered relationships in the family and in the world. A member of the adjunct faculty at Monterey Peninsula College, Giusi also maintains a private practice, offers classes and workshops in the community and is an author. She and her husband, Valerio, have been married 50 years, have two daughters and five grandchildren and live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

"Dedini's unique and joyful distillation of Giusi's message makes one smile with understanding. This combination of talents offers a level of comfort to the stressed that many of us seek but few achieve." --Gus Arriola (Creator of the comic strip Gordo)
"Giusi's powerful, accessible message You Are Beautiful opens us up to the ancient concept that divinity is within everyone. It reminds us that this is why being kind and forgiving toward ourselves and others is not only possible, it is do-able." --Rabbi Rachel Benjamin (London, UK)
"You Are Beautiful is a simple message of pure love. it leads us away from fear and self-doubt toward inner peace and forgiveness. This book is a gift." --Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. (Author of the best-seller LOVE IS LETTING GO OF FEAR)