The Gift
By Geiser
Illustrations By Doug Wilson
44pp 7x7

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The Gift is a heartwarming story about the true spirit of the holidays. It was created by Marc "The Geiser" Geiserman in the 11th grade for a high school English short story class. Just 16 years old at the time,Marc wrote this Christmas story even though he was the adopted child of two Jewish parents. Says Geiser,"We celebrated all holidays . . . still do today!"

His mom, author and motivational speaker Helice "Sparky" Bridges, came across this story hidden in a box of old pictures in the garage andwas compelled to share the wonderful tale and its very important messagewith the world. Geiser and Mom spent nearly a year attempting to rewrite it for publication, only to ultimately decide it was best left intact and unedited, just as it was written in 1984.

It is Geiser's dream that generation after generation of parents and children will read The Gift and discover for themselves the importance of presence, spirit, and the meaning of Christmas through the eyes of a 16 year-old boy and the little mouse family he imagined.

Geiser is a storyteller. This one is transcendent . . . timeless. A portion of the proceeds of The Gift will go to benefit Difference Makers International, a nonprofit educational organization founded by Helice "Sparky" Bridges for the purpose of eradicating bullying through the power of acknowledgment and a little Blue Ribbon that says "Who I Am Makes A Difference."