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Worthy Shorts Graphic Services

For high fidelity in digital reproduction of photography and art

A message from our Graphic Services Directors

Whatever your publishing objectives are, if you are planning a book that is primarily pictorial (photography, illustration, painting), or contains illustrations for which fidelity of reproduction is primary, image preparation and quality is critical to the quality of the printed outcome.

Here are some caveats right from the start:

(1) A high end, demand printing digital toner press in the hands of a qualified printer will deliver exactly the same outcome, based on the files that drive it, no matter how many copies you print or how many times you go back to press.

(2) What you see on your computer screen may not be what you will get. A proof run of a single printed copy is essential before proceeding with the first printing.

(3) When adjusted from the beginning to the type of toner press that will be used, your original scan settings, photo-shopping (or other pre-press tool) adjustments and file formats can assure a satisfying outcome.

With that in mind, Worthy Shorts® Graphic Services is for any author, photographer or artist for whom quality of work matters.

Worthy Shorts® Graphic Services offers consultation, image scanning, image adjustment and pre-press file preparation. We also have a network of graphic specialists available for special assignments when needed. Show us what you have and tell us what you want, and Worthy Shorts® Graphic Services will help you make your publication the best that it can be.

Contact us at to discuss how we may help you.