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The Wit and Wisdom of an American Hanshi & Effectual Thought Leader
By Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman
88pp 5x8

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ISBN 9781935340096

This is an anthology of writings and aphorisms by one of the world's most honored martial arts masters and a teacher of ancient wisdom made practical for contemporary global society. Acknowledged as Shodai Soke, a True Founding Father of American Karate, Kaufman was elected to the title and rank of Hanshi, 10th Dan, the most prestigious accomplishment in the martial arts world, in 1991 by international peer associations.

Design template: The cover design is in the Guides genre and Whimsical mood and uses a simulated rice paper reinforcing Eastern origins of martial arts philosophy. This cover shows a decorative illustration or graphic device specific to the title. An alternate design could be the same cover without the graphic.

The Guides genre includes handbooks, manuals, training outlines, and recipes. The interior pages are therefore designed with the functional utility that guides require in their content. In this case the Whimsical Mood encourages us to use ornamental devices within the section titles, as paragraph separators, and in running heads. The Kinesis Standard typeface used for the display and text lends itself to use in varying weights and sizes to point up the many elements in this keepsake.

Keepsakes with less than 80 pages are too thin to print type on the spine. Instead, a "faux spine" runs vertically just to the left of the fold on the back cover.

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