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Business & Professional Shorts

The printed keepsake for short-subject (16 to 96 pages) presentations, handbooks, portfolios, and references of all kinds remain unrivaled for its elegance and permanence. A Worthy Shorts® book provides prestigious presence and expresses your esteem for clients, colleagues, associates, and potential clients whether you choose to publish to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers or keep it private.

The Worthy Shorts® book serves the needs and interests of diverse professions such as: consultants, teachers, trainers, professional business services, boutique studios, fine artists, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, performing artists and entertainers, musicians and composers, apparel designers, engineers, architects, master chefs, and similar callings for whom brand is paramount, and reliability and good taste is to be demonstrated. Our suite of designs and the other features we offer (and will continue to add) in our gallery projects these values.

Brand and design. Professionals care about the look and feel of their own publications and of the company under whose imprint they are publishing. The Worthy Shorts® pre-set design gallery template selection anticipates these requirements.

Application. The primary purpose of short form publication is to distribute a work to potential clients, colleagues and personal networks. This requires a multiple copy first printing and the options later to buy and distribute at low cost in single or multiple print or electric formats over an extended period of time.

Service and distribution. The short form already exists often in another form as an unpublished word file, portion of a published promotion piece or long form book or an existing collection of images and does not require extensive development. You or your organization do not wish to spend time designing a new format and organizing production, sales or distribution. Worthy Shorts® pre-packages these functions and relieves you of involvement in the many process management decisions required.

We provide you with distinct formats, each of which is designed for the same purpose: to introduce you or your organization's service and to provide useful examples of what you do. The formats are (a) primarily text-driven content, and (b) highly pictorial full color or photo-black pictorials -- in both small (5x8) and large (8x10) trimmed page size.

The short subject format is highly functional, especially when incorporated into marketing and social networking outreach and when also available in digital form. Worthy Shorts® will include these features you will have available as an outcome of your single first printing price.

For further information about this forthcoming service, please contact by e-mail

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