PLS Author Registration

Author Registration

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  1. Review the Performance Learning Systems Terms of Agreement document. This document can be obtained from your Performance Learning Systems agent.
  2. Fill out the questionaire below. (Fields marked with * are required.)
  3. Click on the "Review" button at the bottom to proceed to the next page. You may still make changes before submitting this form.
  4. Check the box which certifies that you accept the Terms of Use.
  5. When you are satisfied with the information you've provided, click "Submit" on the bottom of the review page.
  6. After the form is submitted, you will be asked to make a credit card payment of your registration fee of $25.00. This fee is refundable if your application is not accepted or if you withdraw it before using your Private Press page.
  7. You will receive an email confirmation when the form is submitted. You can then access your Private Press page.
  8. It will take approximately one day to process your application. You will receive another email when your account has been activated. Your account needs to be activated to launch titles.
  9. If you are a surrogate preparer filing this form in behalf of the registered author, please answer all questions as if you are the registered author and provide your contact information and other instructions at the end of the form.
NOTE: We are unable to process your registration until you have paid the registration fee. Please remember to pay before submitting your request. Many thanks.

If you need help or have questions about this form, please email


This is a one-time registration that will entitle you to...

  • a Private Press page on which you can
    • launch new titles and upload content files.
    • revise and update information relating to your books, resources and promotional content
    • browse and purchase additional copies of your published shorts from your own shopping cart at special author's prices
    • create your own resource links
    • see the status of your sales and royalty account when this service is available, if you have offered any of your titles for retail sale
  • Activate your Outreach Page with a bookshop with only your own titles for sale and promotion, social networking and building community
  • View, as available, a Design Gallery from which to choose treatments for your keepsakes
  • Access future premium services.

This form will also enable us to formally launch your Publication Center Private Press Administration Page into our system, and create documentation for both of us that will record contact information and reference the basic terms of our business relationship.



City and State not required if non-USA



Please provide a brief description of your publishing interests.

What features of the BackOffice Custom Publication Center are of greatest interest to you, and how do you believe we can be most helpful in supporting your publishing program? (optional)



Principal current and past occupation(s) and employer, self employment, avocation or retirement status, and organizational memberships:

Principal High School, College, specialty, technical, vocational school, self-education or apprenticeship history; degrees, certificates, or partial completion notes



We ask that you provide a brief narrative biography (up to 150 words) for use in catalog and other listings. (If you wish, you may add an extended biography in this same space)



1. Payments by author

Worthy Shorts requires payment in advance by credit card. Credit card information is entered by you at the time of purchase on or shopping cart. Worthy Shorts does not keep records of credit card information.

In the event your publisher or parent organization makes an arrangement for payment by check or funds transfer, we will request banking information at that time.

2. Payments to author

All payments to you as author will be made by check mailed to your contact address unless you have made other arrangements with us when you file your preference information after registration has been accepted.

Worthy Shorts will file 1099 annual returns as required by law and will request required 1099 information from you at the time.



It is customary for us to begin working together informally while documentation is being made final. Therefore, it is important to both of us that you are entering into this arrangement with shared business and service understandings between us.

Please indicate below whether you have reviewed the documents listed below. They are posted in the RESOURCES links on this page. If any questions or comments please send them to us at

  • BackOffice Format, Price and Publishing Guide
  • BackOffice Custom Publication Center Guide

* Yes, I have reviewed these documents.



The BackOffice Publisher Services and Distribution Agreement is the standard signing document on which basis we do business together. This Agreement also includes any specific commitments to which we may have mutually agreed with our BackOffice partner.

Please indicate below whether you have received and reviewed the foregoing Agreement approved by your parent organization. It is posted in the RESOURCES links on this page.

* Yes, I have reviewed and accept the terms of the BackOffice Publisher Services and Distribution Agreement.

We very much appreciate your business and look forward to a lasting and fruitful relationship. As a condition of moving forward, we ask for your Registration fee in advance.

Upon receipt of this form we will send you an e-mail invoice for the Registration payment separately posted to you, if you have not yet paid the fee. We will then activate your Private Press Admin Page. You will also receive your Preferences Form, SKU prefix information and Private Press Admin Page password. From your Private Press Admin page you will be able to activate your Outreach Page at any time that you are ready to do so.