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Finishing Touches
By Daan Zwick
36pp 5x8

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ISBN 9781935340072

After retirement from his 42-year career as a research scientist in the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories in Rochester, NY, the author notes that" I got into creative short stories by way of writing short memoir segments. I had sent one of these to a cousin, who commented, 'Daan, you write well, but you are pretty short on the facts.' I had thought I was on safe ground there, since, at my advanced age, there are now few people around who can challenge my versions of family history.

"In retaliation, I wrote a 'memoir' completely devoid of 'facts', and sent it to my cousin. He believed it, even to the extent of asking me, 'How did you get off that island?' (It is the story in this small volume titled 'Rex'.) After that, there was no stopping me." This collection contains five of Zwick's humorous short story vignettes, the other being entitled Best Ball, Bird Dog, Koala Tea and Double or Nothing.

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