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A memoir, social history and sourcebook formed by commentaries in newspaper columns during the sparkling years between 1982 and 1995 about life and politics in the City of Del Mar, California



Eugene G. Schwartz first came to Del Mar in January, 1969 as Production Manager for the newly launched Psychology Today magazine book division, CRM Books. He is a veteran of World War II and made his career in the printing and book publishing industries.

For thirteen years, from 1982 to 1995, Gene filed columns first at the Del Mar Surfcomber and then with the North County Blade Citizen with commentaries on Del Mar people, events and politics, as well as on themes and events in the wider global community as seen from a local perspective.

Gene has been a publishing consultant and member and founder of a number of book trade organizations and publishing services. For most of his adult life he enjoyed playing the viola in amateur chamber ensembles. He has a son and daughter, three grandchildren and a large extended family who have helped make it all worthwhile.

DEL MAR DAYS: Community Life and Civic Engagement in a Small American City

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A Celebration of Community

These three colorful volumes record daily community and political life in the 1.8-square-mile seacoast city of Del Mar, California, just north of San Diego. Del Mar provides a home to 4,300 residents, stunning natural vistas, the most beautiful racetrack and fairgrounds in the country, and an ocean-facing lagoon that is the gateway to the San Dieguito River, extending 70 miles to the east.

The stories of the people and the environment, reaching back into history, are told in newspaper columns, lively pictorial pages, and excerpts from the city's major land-use documents. A larger theme of civic engagement and human interaction in a civil society also emerges from a chronological and thematic unfolding of profiles of individuals active in the community, celebrations, events, neighborhoods, and issues of land use and public policy.

Book 1, People & Events: in two collections of columns and a pictorial scrapbook reports on people of the town, street arts, holidays, special events, losses, and joys, snapshots of history, a profile of the community, and the author's take on life.

Book 2, Land Use, Public Policy & Liberty: in three collections of columns reports on community issues of property rights, environmental protection, religious practice, local control, individual liberty, war, and peace. A section on the "big debates" provides a point counterpoint with other columnists on community conflicts, civil discourse, and lessons to be learned.

Book 3, City of Dreams: provides an overview of diverse visions for Del Mar held by founders and civic leaders from 1885 to the present. They are collected in overviews of nine historic benchmark events and supporting documents. It includes a bibliography, and a combined 3 volume index and chronology of the 245 columns and 66 pictorial pages in the work.



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Del Mar Days: Community Life and Civic Engagement in a Small American City: Book 1
By Eugene G. Schwartz
200pp 8.5x11
Del Mar Days: Community Life and Civic Engagement in a Small American City: Book 2
By Eugene G. Schwartz
254pp 8.5x11
Del Mar Days: Community Life and Civic Engagement in a Small American City: Book 3
By Eugene G. Schwartz
266pp 8.5x11
Del Mar Days: Three Book Set Shrinkwrapped and Boxed
By Eugene G. Schwartz
pp 8.5x11



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