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Custom Publication Centers

Your One Stop Publishing Solution

The Back Office for Publishers, Agencies, Authors and Professionals

BackOffice Publication Centers produce high quality print and electronic editions of your books and manage the entire process of publication, sales and distribution for you at highly reasonable prices.

If you are a self-publishing or professional author you can also use the Custom Worthy or Worthy Shorts publishing center brands.

BackOffice Publication Centers provide the perfect solution for managing narrow marketing targets , preview editions, books in transition, long tail back list, gift and legacy editions.

What Are Custom Publication Centers?

Custom Publication Centers provide a fully featured web-based production, sales and distribution system for print and digital editions of books, including models for: publishers, professional and membership groups; literary agents, consultants; and individual professionals and authors.

Our services are hosted independently of your own business, professional or personal websites. They can be seamlessly linked to your own site, preserving your brand, look and feel. If you are a self publishing author using the CustomWorthy or Worthy Shorts brands, a personal web site is not required.

Our centers are “author-centric” and organized around individual authors or lists. They provide tools for pre-publication, production, list management, publication, sales fulfillment, distribution as well as social networking and promotion.

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