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Publishers Publication Centers

With Author Self Management Options

The Publishers Publication Centers provide the production and operational services needed to publish and market your books profitably in a rapidly changing real time market place.

They provide the perfect solution for managing narrow marketing targets, preview editions, books in transition, long tail back list, gift and legacy editions and sustaining and building community.

Click here to tell us about your interests and to request a summary of our exclusive Publication Center Features, Formats and Prices and Publication Guide, and Publishing and Distribution Services Agreement.

1. Complete operational support -- We service all your pre-press, production, author and title management, print and electronic distribution, and cash flow tracking. You receive a password protected BackOffice Management Page to access your publication center.

2. Up to three tiers of linked publication and supervision -- At Publisher's option, authors and their titles can be managed directly by the publisher, and/or by a unit (an imprint, department, or task force), that is in turn managed by the publisher.

3. One time registration activates an author or a unit's account. Each author and/or unit receives a private page to manage production and other business on their own title (s). The author and/or unit also receive public outreach page and bookshop activation at their choice.

4. One-time Setup -- We set up your center for a onetime fee (no periodic maintenance fees). There is usually a three to four week turnaround, during which time you can also be launching new titles. All production and reprint charges are price-list based. Prepublication and formatted conversion services are priced based on files received. Payment is required in advance.

5. Wide selection of sizes, bindings and treatments. Our BackOffice editions offer: POD selections from one to a thousand copies or more at a time, ranging from mini to Jumbo sizes, landscapes and squares, page counts to over one thousand; wove and coated stocks; full color and photo black in addition to conventional black and white printing; a complete range of standard trade trim sizes, bindings in paperback, wrap over board, and jackets over fabric; and specialty bindings as well on request.

6. ePub and PDF digital editions are a standard setup feature along with print editions; all editions are distributed, as appropriate, to all major online re-sellers and aggregators and are made available on order in conventional bookstores.

TO GET STARTED, simply click here to tell us about your interests and to request a summary of Publication Center features, available formats and prices and business arrangements.

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