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Worthy Shorts® electronic editions, their uses and social networking applications

(Note: This is a Beta Test. See marginal note.)

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All eBooks come in Fixed and/or Reflowable formats

eBooks come in two basic platforms: (1) as fixed format (PDF) that preserve all of the layout, pictorial and color treatments, and (2) in reflowable formats (ePub and XML) that are text-driven in black ink only (except for the covers which are treated as images). Reflowable formats are the ones used in almost all portable readers.

All Worthy Shorts® titles have a PDF version

Your PDF version is automatic and is used to print your book
We make a PDF digital version of every book. It is what we send to our printer, and what we use in order to enable you and visitors to our site to browse inside. Unless you have chosen not to have an ISBN and appear in our general catalog, we also use this version for Google Book Search, Scribd and other online search and discover applications.

Reflowable eBooks are included unless you told us not to

Your ePub and other reflowable versions are optional and will be activated unless you told us not to when you launched your new title.
     These versions apply only to formats that are primarily text-driven, with few if any illustrations embedded in the text. Full color and pictorial works cannot be usefully converted for portable readers to ePub or XML.
     Once you have brought your book into print, you can extend the ease with which it can be accessed by others by making it available on Kindle (Mobipocket), Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, iPhones and Palm Readers (Stanza), and other handheld readers, PDAs and notebooks and desktops.
     Worthy Shorts® will manage all ePub edition requirements and has entered into an alliance with Smashwords to provide the conversion and distribution services for our eBooks.

Here are the Reflowable eBook Formats offered

Online Reading (HTML)
Online Reading (JavaScript)
Kindle (.mobi)
Epub (open industry format, good for Nook, Google Editions, iPad, Stanza, others)
PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)
RTF (readable on most word processors)
LRF (for Sony Reader)
Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)
Plain Text (download) (flexible, but lacks much formatting)
Plain Text (view) (viewable as web page)

For a detailed description of the uses of these formats click here

All eBooks will be priced for sale

We will set special prices and pay special royalties for all PDF and reflowable versions. You will receive special royalty shares on the cash received for all sales of eBook editions as described in the ePub agreement you checked off when launching your book. In general, we will charge $4.95 for all reflowable editions (recall, these are not formatted to Worthy Shorts® designs but are laid out in easy to read plain narrative text). For fixed format Worthy Shorts® designed PDF versions, we will charge 75% of the listed price rounded to the next 45 or 95 cents. You will be entitled to receive one free download of an ePub file. You will also be able to purchase other formats at a special authors price.

No free previews to the public for complete books

When we post electronic versions of your book to Google Book Search or Scribd, or for look inside on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and other online merchants, we will only permit a portion of the book to be viewed for sampling. However, you can choose to allow your friends, family and colleagues to view (but not copy or download) the complete PDF version from your private press page.

eBooks are a gateway to social networking

In addition to the social networking tools based on your print edition that we provide on our Private Press page, a feature of our arrangement with Smashwords is that you will receive a Worthy Shorts® customized personal Profile Page, from which you can use their links to popular social networking and book-marking sites (eg Twitter, Delicious, Facebook), book tagging and embeddable YouTube video features for your reflowable editions. Click here for the Smashwords marketing and social networking guide.

Welcome to Your eBook Gateway

eBook Beta Test

This is an eBook beta test during which we are perfecting our workflow systems. Please be patient as we ramp up to put through titles that are suitable for conversion to the reflowable eBook formats. The purpose of this test is to put a limited number of titles through the Worthy Shorts® conversion process to validate our quality control checks for the outcomes, and to test the use of these various formats on portable devices.