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The Sun Shines at Midnight - and Other Lyrics
By Michael Cook
36pp 8x10

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ISBN 9781935340294

This is a sampler containing fifteen melodic, ironic, lyrical, jazz and gospel-influenced songs, including the sheet music for four of them as they are heard on the composer/lyricist's CD of the same name. The composer writes that his CD "is a collection of songs I have written or co-authored over the years, performed with special guests including Warren Vach (cornet), Gerry Niewood (sax and winds), Lynn Anderson (vocals), Margaret Dorn (vocals), and Kenny Brescia (guitar). George Small (piano, co-author) and Chip Fabrizi (recording engineer, percussion) were essential in bringing these songs to realization. . . .Memoirs of a Beatlemaniac... Quirky Gospel Tunes... Many Mood Swings... With help from the Schismatics, the Celestials, the Lounge Lizards, the Meanderthals, the Clichs, Reflux, the Side Effects, and the Heuristics. Songs about coffee, Raskolnikov, Godzilla, Jesus, etc.

Michael Cook has worked in finance-trading, research, money management, risk analysis-for the last 14 years. His background is in mathematics and computer programming. He has kept up a steady involvement in artistic projects-primarily in writing music and poetry. He has co-authored and produced two full length musicals, published a book of poetry, and released a CD of 15 songs which he either wrote or co-wrote.

Design template: In the Whimsical Mood for the Music Genre, this cover design pushes the edge in a brash use of notation to make up its marquee border. The musical clef mandala continues as an ornament in the frontmatter. Cover colors can be varied. The book is typeset in Glypha LT Std by Adobe Systems and Cg Benguiat Frisky. The music motif is carried through in the footer design. The author provided the sheet music as jpg images to Worthy Shorts specifications.

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