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Is Google the Next Stage of Evolution of Life on Earth?
By Michael Cook
20pp 5x8

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ISBN 9781935340195

In this brief and incisive essay, a financial asset manager presents his thesis for "the thumbnail sketch of the evolution of life on earth: DNA, language, writing, printing, computers, the Internet, Google's search algorithm." Noting that the problem of information retrieval was becoming a roadblock to the continuing development of knowledge, Cook assigns to Google's Page Rank algorithm "the genius of the solution"-- the way it "neatly sidesteps" a very difficult semantic problem. "The next generation of Web Search is yet to come!" he writes, "But the major breakthrough that made search results relevant was invented and engineered by Google."

Design template: The cover design is in the Expressive Monograph mood and uses a simulated fabric background. A number of background color choices are offered. The design uses a diamond-shaped border and an expressive ornament that is repeated in the interior pages. Jimbo, a contemporary display typeface used for the title, sets the tone for the template used for this book.

Keepsakes with less than 80 pages are too thin to print type on the spine. Instead, a "faux spine" runs vertically just to the left of the fold on the back cover.

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