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The Hathaway Alignment System ™ - Alignment Discoveries for Health and Longevity
By Harmon Hathaway and Monica Hathaway
91pp 8.5x11

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ISBN 9781937504557

The Hathaway Alignment System™ helps you improve your overall health and performance through natural means and provides a foundation for health and well-being whether you are perfecting performance in sports or theater arts or dealing with the everyday tasks of being in the world. In the spiritual fields, this yogic understanding helps you resonate with whatever path you may choose in your journey in this life.

Presenting the principles of Alignment of the body in an organized system, this practical guide provides a comprehensive understanding of alignment of the physical body and shows how you can open and release your body of limiting habits. Just reading this book can bring positive physical results.

You will learn how the body moves through space as an organized unit and you will learn to apply this understanding to your spiritual and mental well being.

In addition to presenting the principles of Alignment, The Hathaway Alignment System™ includes Alignment Breathing Principles, Balance and Alignment--whether you are in motion or at rest—and Alignment Releasing Sessions.

Mastering Alignment Yoga and the principles presented in this book will enable you to understand many of the symptoms of--and realize the solutions to-- your own physical problems. Your new findings will provide a path to further understanding of the human body and also will provides keys and path factors for your journey in awakening.

Foreword by Dr. R.B. Kelley Snodgrass. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings throughout.

“If you want to learn how to live within your body with more grace, efficiency, health and vitality, Harmon Hathaway’s guidance can be invaluable.”
--Dr. R.B. Kelley Snodgrass

Author Bios:
Alignment Yoga arises from the work of Monica Lind Hathaway over a period of 40 years of dance experience in her professional career as a ballerina and dance teacher. Monica had just completed a Broadway show for Julie Stein and Sammy Cahn and was dancing lead roles for Leonide Massine of the Ballet Russe in New York when her career was interrupted by polio. Facing that challenge, she continued her relationship with dancing by choreographing for other shows and she began to study singing. As she worked with breathing, it became part of her understanding of how to open and release accumulated tensions on the level of peak performance. Working with the elderly, she introduced some principles of Alignment such as grounding the body and using the arches of the feet while moving, as well as breathing and releasing accumulated tensions-- the foundations of Alignment Yoga. Monica was co-founder of the American Yoga Foundation.

Harmon Hathaway, co-founder of the American Yoga Foundation, is an international teacher, writer, and therapist. He is a life member of the World Yoga Counsel and is on the advisory board of The North American Yoga Council. With Monica Lind Hathaway, Harmon researched and developed the subject of Alignment. The author teaches professional therapists and focuses on solving a spectrum of physical problems using discoveries in Alignment. His client list includes many professional sports and entertainment notables. Harmon has successfully helped people with arthritis, asthma, back pain, bursitis, bronchitis, cerebral palsy, emphysema, colds, drug rehabilitation, headache, hepatitis, hernia, indigestion, insomnia, pinched nerve, scoliosis, sprains, and tendonitis.

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