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The purpose of this form is to enable us to set policies and practices for the operation of your BackOffice Publication Center.

When you have completed it and click "Save", it will be emailed to You may come back to this page and change your preferences at any time. If you have any questions please email us at



Use ISBNs provided by my publisher or organization
I will provide my own (in blocks for you to hold)
Use Worthy Shorts ISBNs as needed

Preliminary LC No.

Using LC numbers is no longer a critical requisite and Worthy Shorts doesn't arrange for Cataloging in Publication, However, we will file for preliminary catalog numbers (PCN's) if requested. In order to do so we need accurate title and author, pub date and format information. It can take three to four weeks for the number to be assigned. It needs to be placed on our copyright page and you are required to provide the Library of Congress with two copies of your printed book. We will arrange to ship two copies when the book comes into print and bill you in advance as a regular order for two copies.

Do not provide PCNs
Provide PCNs only if requested on an individual title
Provide PCNs for all titles

Other Identifiers

Below is a description of other identifiers we require, how they will be provided, and where they are to appear.


All BackOffice Setup, reprint and digital edition pricing is based on receipt of printer-ready PDF's and clean text files suitable for ePub conversion. As a matter of practice, it is likely that some or all of your work will require use of pre-publication editing, design and composition services. In some instances, also, you may wish us to provide these services.

1. In the event you need prepublication services will you request estimates from BackOffice prepublication services?

No. I prefer to provide my own services

2. Do you intend to provide your own design templates, approved by your publisher or parent organization, for use with BackOffice standard formats? (A Design Template is a fully formatted InDesign file that can be re-used for multiple titles.)

No...I will commission BackOffice to create a set of standard design templates for publisher or parent organization approval.
No...I will be providing fully-formatted PDF files on templates approved by my publisher or parent organization and will not need templates. (Worthy Shorts will set up a gallery of pre-determined standard trim sizes and bindings you will be able to use.)


As a BackOffice Author, you will be asked to select from among Standard print edition trim sizes, formats and page count ranges and the digital edition platforms offered by your publisher or parent organization's Design Gallery and Pricing and Procedures manual.

Please consult the list of available trim sizes and page counts in your Design Gallery and/or pricing manual, and indicate here the formats you wish to use. We will prepare b/w, photo black, color pricing and digital edition charts for you based on this list.

With each new title launch you will be asked to specify which print and digital editions you want.

1. Will you use your parent organization's standard retail, author and/or member pricing schedule to cover all formats and editions?

Yes, I will utilize parent organization pricing.
No. I will set prices ad hoc for each new title and obtain parent organization approval.

Your pricing needs to be high enough to support any discounts, royalties, fees and Worthy Shorts reprint/transaction charges you may incur. As a consequence, Worthy Shorts reserves the right to require a minimum selling price for any title.


1. Formats

When you launch a new title, you will be asked about your digital edition preferences for that title. Digital editions are offered in three formats

  1. ePub - plain reflowable, requiring no manual formatting -- included in Setup.
  2. ePub - formatted, requiring manual formatting. Additional charges quoted,
  3. PDF - fixed format -- print and copying protected - included in Setup

Reflowable ePub formats are not feasible for highly structured and heavily illustrated works.

2. Content Protection

Both ePub and PDF formats can be encrypted at the time of sale (known as DRM). You will be given this choice at the time of new title launch and at release into publication. There is an extra preparation charge for DRM protected distribution. We do not recommend encryption for PDF editions, although it can be provided, as the file resolution is degraded and can be protected from printing at no additional cost.


BackOffice will follow your Registration form preferences and parent organization guidelines with respect to advance payments for services and purchases and payments of royalties and margin shares. Please note any further preferences here:



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