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Framing A Comprehensive Vision for the U.S. National Student Association in 1947 - Including the Constitution of the USNSA, and Highlights for a National Student Agenda
By NSA Anthology Charitable Trust
24pp 8x10

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ISBN 9781935340232

The original NSA Constitution, its supporting policy statements and an overview of its form of organization are excerpted from the anthology and sourcebook, American Students Organize: Founding the National Student Association after World War II (Praeger. 2006). The founding of the U.S. National Student Association (NSA) in September of 1947 was an expression of the interests and world view of the GI Bill generation of American students.

The student leaders who emerged after the war had no patience for the old ways of paternalism, elitism, discrimination and segregation. Believing strongly in the nation's founding principles of "liberty and justice for all," they brought this vision into their religious, social and political organizations and into the halls of student government. These documents are an expression of that vision.

Design template: These reference section excerpts from the anthology published by Worthy Shorts® (WS-132,133,134) illustrate how a series identity can be retained with a uniform cover layout, while varying the background cover colors and front and back cover illustration Below are sample interior pages. Text for each page was provided by the original publisher as pdf files with the original folios and running heads. The template provided front and backmatter and footers.