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So You Think You Can't Putt?
By James S. Payne
116pp 5x8

WS159 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340775

eBook edition not available
ISBN 9781935340829

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ISBN 9781935340775

Think of this book as the down-and-dirty, nitty-gritty counterpart for the weekend golfer to Pelz's Putting Bible. For the golfer that hasn't given up their day job. For the golfer that believes practicing is cheating. For the golfer that enjoys the game but gets mad as h*ll when they miss a three footer.

Forty three percent of golf is putting. The fastest way to improve your score is to improve your putting. If you are literate and can read a little bit, this primer on putting will make you a winner without having to cheat.

Remember when you were so desperate you sought refuge from that fortuneteller that practiced in the trailor just outside the city limits. She gazed into the crystal ball. Passed her hands around and over the mystical sphere and with a low, husky voice, "I see in your future, unhappiness, sadness, failure. I see putts that lip to the left. Putts that lip to the right. Putts left short. I see three putts. Multiple three putts. But wait, don't worry. Don't get depressed. I see you getting used to it."

That was before you got this book.