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Richard's Little Happy Book - Seven Powerful Principle to Create a Happier Life for the Rest of You
By Richard Greninger
28pp 5x8

WS157P cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340713

Richard Greninger has been at ground zero of the personal achievement movement for more than 30 years. His latest work is the acclaimed movie, Tapping The Source. He and his team interviewed 122 of the most respected thought leaders of the decade and discovered the common threads that each of them used to achieve their goals.

Happiness was at the top of their list and Richard shares with his readers the simple yet powerful rules each of them use to achieve a fulfilled and satisfied lifestyle. Richard lives in Newport Beach California and has been a film maker and a producer most of his life. Richard is known for his down to earth wisdom mixed with a bit of humor making Richard's Little Happy Book a short read that might just change the way you look at life! Tapping The Source book is a companion to the film Tapping The Source and is available everywhere.