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The Songs and Stories of Camp Cory
By Bo Shoemaker
76pp 5x8

WS154 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340645

Camp Cory's amazing culture and traditions are captured in this collection! Here are the lyrics to the songs, the frameworks of the campfire stories, and notes on their histories and origins. Camp Cory, located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, is one of the oldest summer camps in the world, and continues to have its own unique personality.

This volume is a helpful reference to current staff, former staff, current campers, former campers, or anyone who is interested in learning more about Camp Cory's amazing songs and stories, as they were sung and told around the year 2010. Also included are appendices: Appendix A relates the histories and origins of certain songs and stories, Appendix B lists songs and stories that were not included in this collection, and Appendix C lists the songs and stories in alphabetical order for easy reference.