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Deems Taylor - Through the Looking Glass - Transcribed for Two Pianos - Four Hands - Collector's Edition
By James Whittaker
96pp 8x10

WS141 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340386

(Joseph) Deems Taylor (1885-1966), composer, critic, author, and radio personality, was one of the most influential figures in American culture from the 1920s through the 1940s. A self-taught composer, the New York City native wrote such pieces as the orchestral suite Through the Looking Glass and the acclaimed operas The King's Henchman and Peter Ibbetson, the first commissions ever offered by the Metropolitan Opera. Taylor's operatic works were among the most popular and widely performed of his day, yet he achieved greatest fame and recognition as the golden-voiced intermission commentator for the New York Philharmonic radio broadcasts and as the on-screen host of Walt Disney's classic film Fantasia. With his witty, clever, charming, and informative but unpatronizing manner, he almost single-handedly introduced classical music to millions of Americans across the nation.

The first performance of "Looking Glass" (1919) was scored for a chamber group. In the fully orchestrated version the piano is always present as a "voice" in the orchestra. This is significant in regard to the present edition. Piano versions of orchestral music can reveal elements of the composition in a new way that will certainly be the case with this masterpiece of early 20th century music.