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The Colors of Trout Waters - A dry fly, a wet brush, and my loaded palette
By Thomas G. Lewis
40pp 5x8

WS125 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340270

After a successful career as a graphic designer and publisher, this accomplished artist provides 23 reproductions of oil paintings of Montana fly-fishing with a lyrical essay of his love of the fly rod and the thrill of capturing that experience on canvas.

The artist writes, "Totally captivated by the beauty inherent in the natural world, I spend many of my days hiking the trails of Montana's wooded mountains. It is here that I revel in my love affair with fly-fishing, casting a line into the many lakes and streams I encounter along the way.

"As an artist, instinctively I lay my brush to canvas interpreting the energy gained in that experience, in recapturing the 'moment,' portraying that dark shadow slipping beneath a stream's cut bank; a flash of color; a splash of water. Feeling the jolt of a trout suddenly hitting my fly, my thoughts focus on the character of that fish. No matter the physical size of the fish, it gives me cause to pause and to consider the single-minded intensity of its streamlined, compact form, and thus connects me to that moment forever. Confident brush strokes with rich overlays of color testify to the power and strength of Montana's beautiful game fish above and below the waterline."

Design template: This design is in the Pictorial genre and Classic mood in full color. We also offer photo pictorial black and white option. The cover is a simulated pebbled leather. A number of different background color, texture and tinting choices are also offered in the template gallery. Pictorials are available in both 5x8 and 8x10 sizes. Adobe Caslon Pro in display and text and the Monotype New Berolina script as an accent are intended to support the mood.

This design approach employs subject specific ornaments - fishing flies on the running heads and shell ornaments. Applications of the template will offer the option of generic ornaments or other theme specific ornaments.

The artist provided original jpg scans to Worthy Shorts specifications. Keepsakes such as this one with less than 80 pages do not print on the spine. Instead, we provide a "faux spine" that runs vertically just to the left of the fold on the back cover.