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Caesar Americanus - A Political Drama in Three Acts
By David J. Dawson
36pp 5x8

WS123 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340263

Written in 1968, this is an excerpt from a play reflecting the playwright's interest in politics, history, and the dangers of political power, as well as his interest in drama. It is, in part, a thought experiment exploring how power might be seized in the United States with the help of "modern" technology. But, it is mostly a gripping story.

Synopsis: The President of the United States, Andrew Carstairs, attempts to take over the country through the use of an extensive communications network with which he can organize the state legislatures and then Congress, to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution (which limits the President to two full terms in office).

To create a sense of urgency he orchestrates riots in the Capitol which demand an immediate response from Congress, as well as a deluge of telegrams from "concerned citizens." He is murdered in a conspiracy between a power broker and the wife of the Vice President (without the vice president's knowledge). Mobs descend on the White House, where the Vice President tricks them into revealing their thuggishness on national TV. The play closes as he asks the country to consider whether or not they want a dictator.

Design template: This Modern mood of the Worthy Shorts® Script template, is typeset in ITC New Baskerville Std and Lithos Pro. The chiseled display face and prominent ornaments support the mood. While these ornaments and colors (red, white and blue and stars) also support the subject of the play itself, Worthy Shorts® templates will also offer replacement options more suitable to other themes.

Of special interest is the script format and attention to playbill information in the frontmatter, Worthy Shorts® provides script formats appropriate to stage, film and TV applications. Note also that in keepsakes of less than 64 pages in bulk, spines cannot be printed. To compensate, we provide a "faux spine" that prints vertically on the back cover to the left of the fold.