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Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time
By Terri Bianco
52pp 5x8

WS121 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340119

An instructional designer, motivational coach and author shares years of experience with presentations and training programs that are rich in relevance, motivating, powerful, and fun. Her insights and specific programs for supervisor and leadership training are gleaned from work with clients in the public and private sector who have benefited from training, facilitation, and coaching services specifically tailored to their needs. This handbook includes two step by step program outlines and a resource bibliography. The author provides a complete overview of the two programs with details on the underlying elements including process, participants, multi-generational appeal, live homework, accountability, peer coaching, celebration and brain-based learning.

Terri Bianco has also designed successful graduate courses for teachers developed from brain research about how people learn. She heads TBEnterprises in Sacramento, CA.

Design template: The cover design is in the Guides genre and Modern mood using a subtly tinted, almost white background, emphasizing the informational and functional purposes of the keepsake. A number of background color and tint choices are offered in the template gallery. The Guides genre includes handbooks, manuals, training outlines, recipes -- the myriad ways in which we exchange with others what we have learned. Worthy Shorts templates often lend a contemporary flavor to the appeal of classic typographic design, in this case by using the bold horizontal rules that you will find repeated in some of the interior page elements. The Eurostyle extended sans serif typeface used for display and text type sets the design tone for the piece. The interior pages are designed with the functional utility that guides require in their content.

Keepsakes with less than 80 pages are too thin to print type on the spine. Instead, a "faux spine" runs vertically just to the left of the fold on the back cover.