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I Do . . . Again - The Renewable Marriage
By Lee M. Shulman, Ph.D., Joyce Shulman, Ph.D. and Gerald Wil Rafferty, Ph.D.
64pp 5x8

WS119 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340126

We all want and need relationships. We can't live without them and we don't want to. What we want is relationships that work. This book will help you do that. Most books about relationships look at what's wrong. This book looks at what's good, because surely there was a lot of good when your relationship began. Relationships can work and "good" can be built into "better." Sharing their personal stories, the authors give the success tools they created, including an actual transcript from a personal session of the "I Do . . . Again" process. With Checklists, Exercises, and a sample "Contract" this book distills thousands of hours successfully helping clients improve their relationships. A Handbook, a Field Guide, a Set of Tools. You're a person with relationships. This book is for you.

Lee M. Shulman, Ph.D. and Joyce Shulman, Ph.D., two of the co-authors of this book, are currently in Private Practice in the Los Angeles area. They each have many years of experience of helping people and organizations work through the challenges of relationships. The third co-author, Gerald Wil Rafferty, Ph.D. is a Communication Psychologist. Through his books and training and counseling programs, he has helped thousands to improve their lives by improving their communication and decision-making skills.

Design template: The cover design is in the Guides genre and Classic mood and uses a simulated fabric background. A number of different background color choices are offered in the template gallery. The Guides genre include handbooks, manuals, training outlines, recipes -- the myriad ways in which we exchange with others what we have learned. So we lend a contemporary flavor to the appeal of classic typography -- using the decorative border that you will find repeated in some of the interior page elements. The Electra font for display and body type sets the design tone for the piece. The interior pages are also designed with the functional utility that guides offer in their content.