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Poems That Sing by French Masters - Fifteen Great French Poets and Their Verses of Life, Love, and Loss
By Leon Schwartz
84pp 5x8

WS118 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340034

The author, a professor of French at California State University, Los Angeles, has chosen fifteen poets as representative of their times and their stature in French poetry, remaining as faithful as he could to the particular schemes of rime and meter, as well as the sound play, imagery, and meaning of each poem.. Three themes stand out in them: the themes of life's beauties; the emotions of love, paternal or romantic; and the pain of loss. There are also in these poems a variety of parallel or sub-themes, as, for example, aging in Ronsard and Desbordes Valmore, patriotism in Du Bellay, exoticism and "correspondences" in Baudelaire, and war in Rimbaud and Aragon. Most of the poems in this collection were taken from Henri Clouard and Robert Leggewie's Anthologie de la litturature francaise, 2 vols. (Oxford University Press: 1975). The rest were taken from collections of the works of the individual poets.

Design template: This cover is in the Poetry genre and Classic mood It uses a simulated embossed leather background with white lettering to create a silk screen or stamping effect. A number of different background color choices are offered in the template gallery. A modern cut of the classic face Goudy Old Style is used both for display and text, setting the tone for the design used for this book. Worthy Shorts® explores in its template designs the use of fonts not ordinarily offered by publishers.

An unusual feature of this work are the facing pages containing the original French and its English translation, preceded by a portrait and biography of each poet. Worthy Shorts® templates can accommodate illustrations and photographs when they meet Worthy Shorts® file type and image resolution requirements that will be specified when you launch a new title.