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The One Track Mind - Love Poems of the XVIIth and XVIIIth Century France
Translated by Deems Taylor
96pp 5x8

WS117 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340317

Long out of print, this work, translated by Deems Taylor, the noted twentieth century music critic, commentator, and composer, has been reissued by his grandson, poet and composer, and former financial asset manager, Michael Cook.

Taylor wrote in 1953, "In a Paris bookshop about twenty-five years ago, I ran across a volume entitled Anthologie Libertine, ou La Fleur Française de la Satire Galante, a collection of upwards of two hundred pieces of light verse devoted mainly to that subject so dear to the Gallic heart, l'amour. . . . the majority, were written during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries."

Those were the times of Henry IV, of Louis XIV and Louis XV; of Watteau, Boucher, and Fragonard; of Pompadour and du Barry. Society centered about Fontainebleau and Versailles . . .The love poems of the day might be low on morality, but they abounded in imagination and good humor. Their day ended when nineteenth-century romanticism wiped the smile from the face of l'amour.. . .I have chosen what seemed to me the best fifty-odd out of the two hundred. The translations are as literal as I could make them, and for those who would like to check their degree of literalness, every English version accompanies the French original-including the archaic French spelling."

Design template: The cover is in the Poetry genre and Classic mood It uses a simulated embossed leather background with white lettering to create a silk screen or stamping effect. A number of different background color choices are offered in the template gallery. A modern cut of the classic face Goudy Old Style is used both for display and text, setting the tone for the design. Worthy Shorts explores in its template designs the use of fonts not ordinarily offered by publishers.

An unusual feature of this work are the facing pages containing the original French and its English translation.. Worthy Shorts templates can accommodate roman foreign languages.