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I Am a Thought of You
By Mary Kennedy
68pp 5x8

WS115 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781935340065

Adapted from translations from Chinese, this is a collection of delicate and graceful poems alive to the joys of nature writtenby Sie Thao, who lived in the ninth century. Her name means waving grass. She wove herself and her songs into the hearts of lovers, and has, in turn, been woven by them into legends--legends that have been adopted in other countries.{Gene, this paragraph was redone elsewhere. If you can find it we'd have better uniformity on the website} Poet, playwright, actress, and author, Mary Kennedy recalls finding a copy of Sie Thao's poems in the original Chinese in a Shanghai bookshop. "From English renderings of these, and from other sources more recent, I have adapted the poems in this book." Marianne Moore wrote of this work, "Sie Thao: an ancient poet grieves and Nature's beauty is a language that the reader cannot resist. Only the translator can effect such magic ... a poet of Mary Kennedy's sensibility."

The book includes a small selection of original poems by Kennedy, who was the author of 16 published books, including six collections of poetry. She received the William Rose Benet Award for Lyric Poetry given by the Saturday Review and the Poetry Society of America, and the DeWitt Lyric Award given by the Poetry Society of America, as well as other prizes and awards.

Kennedy was most active professionally in the mid-twentieth century. She died in 1987 at the age of 91. Publication of this work was made possible by Kennedy's grandson, Michael Cook, a financial asset manager.

Design template: This cover design is in the Poetry genre and Expressive mood It uses a simulated fabric background with drop-out while lettering to create a die-stamped effect. A number of background color choices are offered in the template gallery. Horley Old Style by Monotype, a contemporary typeface based on classic models is used both for display and text, setting the tone for the design template used for this book. Worthy Shorts® presents in its template designs classic fonts not ordinarily offered by publishers.