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Live Well With Chronic Pain - A Guide to Taking the First Steps
By Liza H. Leal, M.D.
158pp 5.25x8

WPP140 cover fold Buy paperback edition
ISBN 9781943625086

Over 100 million people in the United States alone suffer with chronic pain. Live Well with Chronic Pain shares practical steps that all of us can take to face our challenges, manage our pain and enjoy a better quality of life. For anybody who has been overcome by pain and lost their way, this book will inspire them to Live Well.

Dr. Liza Leal knows first-hand the devastation of chronic pain and that restoration IS possible. While in medical school she developed rheumatoid arthritis, causing her to be wheelchair bound, potentially derailing her medical career. Today, Dr. Leal is a national speaker, author and the Chief Medical Officer of Meridian Medical Dental Healthcare in Sugar Land, Texas. Her medical expertise and personal experience enables her to treat her patients with unique insight into their needs and struggles. As a result, she challenges, educates and motivates her patients and readers to take their first steps on a new road to a better life.