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My Life in My Pocket - For High School Students
By K.L. Lewis
130pp 7.5x9.25

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ISBN 9781937504298

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ISBN 9781937504397

The sole purpose of this book is to teach you to THINK and to THINK correctly. In MY LIFE IN MY POCKET FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS you will learn that there are 24 Pockets of Success. Each pocket represents an aspect of life – a lesson to help you think about various situations that you will face –things like Goals, Hope, Disappointment, Anger, Humiliation, Money, Dating, and Loss. Think of this book as a zero to 100-point quiz: you get zero if you don’t write anything in the book and 100 for completing each section.

By answering the questions in this book, you will learn how to be successful by engaging in a conversation with yourself through the five senses of success. By using these senses you can, and will, have your dreams come true if you think about them, visualize having them, feel good about them, write them down and act on your ideas. You will recognize the power of words and how you must have certain words “in the pocket.” These words will affect your decision making and your way of thinking and how you think can make the difference between success and failure. Where you are today does not determine where you will be tomorrow. What determines your tomorrow is what you THINK about today.

Author Bio
Kathy Lynn Lewis is a leading expert on Self-Advocacy. She has devoted the last fifteen years to helping families with children with special needs to advocate for their children, and now travels around the country speaking and leading seminars that help individuals and businesses achieve success through goal-setting and outlining, “what they want to have,” “what they want to be,” and “what they want to do.” She is the President and Founder of The Ripple Effect (, a company that helps businesses and individuals realize their potential by understanding what Earl Nightingale states, “we become what we THINK about,” and that the impossible takes a little longer, but not much. Kathy is also the author of the My Life in My Pocket series of books ( She lives with her husband and two daughters in Tampa, Florida.