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Managing White Tailed Deer in Suburban Environments - A Technical Guide
By Anthony J. De Nicola
56pp 8.5x11

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ISBN 1577532961

Increasing deer and human populations have resulted in more conflicts. Expanding communities have created excellent deer habitat with an abundance of ornamental shrubs, garden plants, and other deer foods. Wooded homesites offer protection from predators and hunting, allowing deer populations to grow rapidly.

Overabundant herds are associated with an increase in car collisions and Lyme disease, resulting in significant economic losses and health problems. In addition, deer create ecological damage by feeding on preferred plants and altering the biodiversity in parks and natural woodlands.

This 52-page manual, Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Environments: A Technical Guide, reviews the biology of the white-tailed deer and discusses methods for reducing deer related concerns. Comprehensive management strategies are included. Fencing and repellents are covered, as well as options for lowering deer abundance and experimental techniques for deer fertility control.

The authors provide options, suggestions, and additional resources, as well as sources of equipment used for deer management. The information and applications in this manual are useful across North America in urban, suburban, and rural areas. It is intended for professional biologists, community leaders, homeowners, and others involved or concerned with deer management.