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The Way of Beauty - Meidao
By Mieke Roovers
206pp 8.5x11

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ISBN 9781935340669

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ISBN 9781935340676

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ISBN 9781935340652

The Way of Beauty - Meidao, by Mieke Roovers, is a spiritual novel written especially for students,business managers, famous artists and anyone who wants to keep being astonished by the beauty of daily life. Mieke is a therapist in Chinese medicine and the author of three books. She lectures at the Erasmus university and offers personal coaching and workshops on "Lifestyle and stress management" to business executives in major corporations.

Mieke is bringing the secrets of an ancient wisdom tradition to the West in this work of semi-fiction. Divided into three parts, each part of this book form a unified approach to health, wisdom and happiness - the Way of Beauty. The book is dense and multi-layered, and based on ideas from and actual events in the lives of spiritual leaders, gurus and scientists Mieke met during her travels and training around the world.

The Way of Beauty - Meidao tells the story of Murphy, a Dutch mathematics professor with both European and Asian ancestry. Suffering from marital problems and grief-stricken by the tragic suicide of one of his students, he searches for meaning in his life and is brought back to his Asian roots. Murphy discovers a new philosophy of life - Lifestyle Management - based on having power over his own thoughts and emotions and thereby attaining inner wealth.

Murphy takes you with him on his journey through magical places in Asia and will help you face your own struggles. But that's not all. Through games and playful exercises, this book will help you understand yourself better and work with your own personal talents in order to get more pleasure out of life.

"A healthy lifestyle starts with happiness," says Mieke. "Most people think it's the other way around, that a healthy lifestyle will make you happy. You'll only experience life as something beautiful once you feel happy."

In Part Two - The Main Course, Murphy is sent on a journey to Dragon-Tiger Mountain in China to continue his studies into Mystics. On his way, he meets an old man, Yuan, who casually entices Murphy into becoming his student. Murphy slowly gains spiritual insight and learns the secrets of his past. Yuan is the hereditary Treasure Keeper of an ancient book of wisdom - the Yuandao (The Way of the Circle) - and introduces Murphy to the mysteries of this book.

In Part Three - The Dessert, some secrets of the Yuandao are revealed for the reader to apply in their daily lives. It is a series of games based on this ancient, mystical wisdom.

"Is it an old book?" asks Murphy, curious. "It is a book with a very, very long history", says Yuan. "Since the book burning in your year 1282, the Lee family decided that the oldest of their family must guard the Book. That person then became the treasure keeper of the Book. He or she was entrusted with expanding the Book according to their personal insight. Each of them used their talent to research its power and, if necessary, to correct the path. "So when may other people read the book?""When the time is ripe for it...."

The time is now ripe.

Lionel Richie with the Dutch version of the book.
Quote:"It is so cool that I'm in your book. Everything in it is right on. You're truly an amazing soul"

Alanis Morisette:
"I energetically support the book. 'The Way of Beauty'. It is lovely!"