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An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States - Poster
By Catherine Mulbrandon
1pp 17x11

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ISBN xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Special Offer: Free PDF edition with the purchase of a paperback copy $42.50
Special Offer: Free PDF edition with the purchase of a hardback copy $60.00

Special Offer: Top Marginal Tax Rates Poster - Tabloid Size: 17" x 11" $10.00
Special Offer: Paperback, PDF, and Poster Bundle $47.50
Special Offer: Hardcover, PDF, and Poster Bundle $65.00
Special offers are limited to one per order.

Please note that the PDF is approximately 20MB and may take a long time to download.

Economic data is plentiful and yet often it does not receive the attention of designers skilled in creating data graphics. The clear and cleverly designed graphics in An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States present data in a manner that helps us understand what the numbers really mean. In this book, Mulbrandon combines her expertise in both economics and design to illustrate the economy of the United States using income as a lens.

In addition to compiling and analyzing core data from various government agencies the author gathers information from multiple sources including academics and firms specializing in labor market data. You’ll find important and helpful perspectives, fun facts, and answers about how income is distributed throughout the United States.

  • Who are the top earners in the country (and what is their income)?
  • What’s the impact of stock options on income?
  • What are the demographics of different income earners?
  • Which industries have the greatest job growth?
  • How has income distribution changed over the last decades?
  • Which counties have the highest income levels? Which have the highest poverty rates?
  • How have standards of living changed over the last 100 years? Over the last 40 years?
  • How do the incomes of celebrities, CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers compare?

An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States was published through the direct support of backers on and a grant from the J-Lab at American University funded by the McCormick Foundation. With the goal to elucidate, educate and entertain, the author includes a 200-year timeline placing the data covered in this Guide in historical context.