Page 7 - Loose Goose

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(A Collection of Schmucks,
Odd Ducks, Mucky-Mucks,
Dumb Clucks, and Yuk-Yuks)
A good-natured goose named Maria
Made friends with a man with a Kia.
The two friends liked horses,
And so they joined forces
And took Kia to Hialeah.
They rode just when the weather was right
And stayed off the road every night.
The traffic was frantic;
The goose had an antic,
And she honked till the track was in sight.
They eventually got to the track;
The goose flew to a horse named Black Jack.
The man picked him to win
And he won by a chin.
It was clear that the goose had a knack.
The man’s goose fell in love with Black Jack
And she followed him from track to track.
The man felt real lonely
And got cheered up only
When goose Angela followed him back.