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22) He: “Sing a song of sixpence . . .”
She: “I’d rather sing a song of six K’s.”
23) He: “Couple of jiggers of moonlight and add
a star, / Pour in the blue of a June night and one
guitar, / Mix in a couple of dreamers and there you
are. / Lovers hail the moonlight cocktail.”
She: “Well, at least you won’t drive while drunk!”
24) He: “A rose must remain with the sun and the
rain / Or it’s lovely promise won’t come true. / To
each his own, to each his own / And my own is you.”
She: “I’m thinking of a divorce.”
25) He: “Don’t bury me in the prairie, / Take me
where the cement grows. / Let’s move down to some
big town / Where they love a girl by the cut of her
clothes / And you’ll stand out in buttons and bows.”
She: “Cement grows?”
26) She: “Drinking rum and Coca-Cola, / Go down
to Point Koohmahnah, / Both mother and daughter
/ Working for the Yankee dollah.”
He: “Drinking on the job? You’re both fired!”
27) He: “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby? / Well,
maybe my baby found somebody new, / Or is my
baby still my baby too?”
She: “I is ain’t a baby!”
28) He: “Why do fools fall in love? / Why do birds
sing so gay / And lovers await the break of day? /
Why do they fall in love?”
She: “Maybe for the same reason everyone else does.”