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sat on the beach watching the gulls soar in and out
of the clouds landing on and near the water’s edge as the
dogs ran through the sand dunes yelping and barking
in their futile attempts to capture the birds. It was
now midsummer and the boats had already come into
Newport with what we locals called the “boat people”
who would captivate the streets and mansions with
their incessant curiosity of how the great wealth makers
of the 19
century had lived.
I could not help but laugh at the frustration that
grew more evident by the dogs turning in all directions
and being unable to manipulate the flock as it landed.
Briefly, the two toy poodles began to chase each other
as part of their frustration. I laughed heartily and for
a moment considered my own life as an expression
of my own confusion in relationships while trying to
attain higher levels of my own being in business. I also
thought about the amount of men who had come and
gone in and out of my life.
Beingahardboiledrealist, Ineverpermittedmyself
to fall prey to current trends inwhat was hip or not. I don’t
believe infantasiesandonlyknowmylifetobesingularand
without compromise, evenwhenIhavehad tocondescend
to the needs of immediate others. As a result I am thought
to be cold and callous especially by strangers though I like
to think ofmyself as awarmand pleasant person.