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 the lady of the rings 
Now what the hell was that doing here? I reached for it
and began thumbing through when I saw all kinds of
underlines with questions and comments. I asked the
waitress if someone had left it there and she told me that
it belonged to someone named Jose who worked in the
“Cool,” said I, and then asked her to ask him if
he would like it autographed? She just looked at me and
backed away from the table, turned and quick stepped
into the kitchen. Here comes a free dessert, I thought.
Instead, who comes walking out, Ann Davis in
full-chef over-the-stove regalia and not at all like the
picture over the mantle. A conversation over a stuffed
lobster ensued and the rest is history.
The result is now in your hands to glean from it what I
consider to be one of the most lucid and approachable
explanations of maintaining the perspectives of combat
appropriateness from the perspect ive of a woman
without getting into physical slaughter.
This is Ann’s story and I feel very fortunate to have had
her as a student…at least. I did the writing but she sure
the hell did the cooking.
Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman
New York, 2009