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Strategy is a deliberate and specific method for
accomplishment of any ideal. The techniques involved
in the learning process of anything are revealed only to
those who truly want to experience personal freedom.
I had come far from a Bronx tenement on
Jerome Avenue where I had raised two children without
the aid of a man. And this was before it was chic to be
a single parent. All I knew was that I would attain to
my own level of accomplishment. I had no idea about
what it would be. I was alone in a foreign country and
completely alienated from the gentle childhood I had
experienced in Wales. I knew it would be important
to understand the value of other things outside of my
immediate sphere of influence and so I made myself
learn about things that would open me to new ways
of thinking. Only by constantly searching for answers
can anyone, especially a woman, find the real answers
to life. It is a personal thing and the mistakes I have
made have not defeated me; they have strengthened
me because of my own resolve. I also learned that
following rules only leads to an impasse when true
desire is to overcome any form of limitation. That is
why I endeavored to learn as much as I could about
as many things as I could. Just like any other woman
knows, or anyone for that matter if they are sincere in
their desire to know, what you truly desire to be may
not be evident when you begin a search, but eventually
your hidden sense of self will reveal to you where you
should be going even if you don’t understand the logic
or reasoning behind it.