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The First Ring
obody lives forever. That’s obvious but what isn’t
too obvious is that although most people know that
time is limited, there is only enough to live properly and
enjoy yourself without aggravation if that is possible.
So why do people, especially women, get into stupid
situations and relationships that can only bring pain?
Because that is what we are taught, subliminally or not,
when we are growing up. You will get married, you will
raise a family, and you will live happily ever after.
So how come I don’t know of anyone who lives
that way? Why? Because it doesn’t work that way! Life is
filled with constant growth or living death. Fear of the
unknown. That’s what it is. The idea that I can’t make
my own life even though I am doing just that. It seems
there always has to be an external authority that can
control me regardless of what I feel in my heart. Even
when I know I am right, I always have the tendency
to expect acceptance from others, consciously or not.
Yet time after time I have observed that we women are
stronger than men emotionally but succumb to the idea