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If I took it out of the realm of maleness and applied the
principles to true femininity, it could readily apply itself
to me personally.
In the introduction to the work it says that
Musashi had killed over sixty men in fights and duels.
Though I hadn’t actually killed anyone in fights and
duels I certainly had experience in dealing with all
kinds of assholes that I would have had no qualm in
killing either. But that was not what I was looking
for. I even wondered why I would want to do this. But
instead of driving myself intellectually crazy I applied
the first thing I had read about, no thought and no
idea concerning the outcome. It seemed so simple to do
when I stopped thinking about it and began to write. It
became obvious that it could be done in the manner I
had prescribed for myself.
The introduction also speaks about coming to
terms with one’s own skills and abilities and the reality
of what he had accomplished that held him to a higher
ideal of what life is. I have no problem with that and
I see myself in regards to having built a business from
nothing and developing my own skills while learning
the secrets of my own trade. This could also be applied
to relationships. Take things at face value and don’t try
to determine how the face value should work either
for or against me. That way I could see from the other
person’s perspective and even gain control if I wanted
to. Yes, control of myself and my emotions and possibly
even those of the person I was involved with for any
particular situation.