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 the lady of the rings 
I thumbed through the book again and read
about “differences in cutting and slashing attacks.”
“You must be utterly resolved to cut the enemy down.
Slashing can be equated with just tapping the enemy
with either a sword or a fist. It is not a truly resolved and
committed attack.” Was everything indeed, a battle?
No, there is something going on here that I am going
to have to read about. I know what I’ll do, I will read it
and rewrite it according to a woman’s needs; my needs.
I will relate it to my life and the things I have to deal
The first thing I had to know was why the book
itself was considered the “bible” of the martial arts
and how it would relate to ordinary life experiences
without getting into the alleged methodology of killing
everything and everyone in sight that displeased me. As
a normal woman I knew it would have to be made easy
in my own mind in order for me to express the ideas
therein. It would have to be done in such a manner that
would make it pleasant to digest. Scanning through
it again I noticed that this Musashi fellow, who was
considered the fiercest swordsman in ancient Japan, had
no qualms when it came to taking someone’s life. This
would absolutely not do. Then the idea struck me that
I could replace certain ideas with everyday events. For
example, I might take a general approach to life strategy
and make it fit my needs. This included the manner in
which I even walked the dogs or sat at the beach. For
that matter, it even had to do with my own approach to
the relationships I had with people, intimately or not.