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 the lady of the rings 
“killing” was used to express the idea about winning
battles of any kind based on true conviction of intent.
Killing did not necessarily mean the constant taking of
life. It had to do with fundamental living, and living
a complete and unfettered life, but how could you do
that without becoming involved with everyday matters?
Still, it appeared to only have to do with battles.
I put the book down and reached for a copy of
Town and Country
. I knew the lifestyles of the people
in that magazine and appreciated the finer things in
life that they represented. And even though I knew it
was mostly superficial, I always enjoyed looking at the
great houses and beach resorts and supercilious cocktail
parties and fund-raisers and overpriced baubles that kept
the rich happy. They always seemed to be detached from
the reality of the rest of the world and only cared about
themselves and their possessions. And in their oblivion
they did not have to concern themselves with anything
out of their immediate circle. Money was certainly the
great equalizer. That, and health, and success. Add to
that a normal healthy sexual appetite as well. I am sure
that though they had their trials and tribulations, they
didn’t have to dwell on the everyday drama foisted on
the rest of the world.
The advertisement for the Mercedes didn’t
intrigue me as much as having a 1953 Mercedes that I
really wanted. Well, I would get it soon enough even
though Richard felt that it was too showy. He preferred
his Saab convertible. He was always interested in how
the stock market was going and practically cried when