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 the lady of the rings 
it. Locking the doors, I revved up the motor and put it
in gear, but suddenly stopped for no apparent reason
and I went back into the restaurant and retrieved the
Book of Five
. I didn’t know it then, but the Fates
had changed my life.
Inmy bedroom, I turned on the television for the
latest meaningless and boring news about recent world
events and local gossip. The steaming cup of English tea
replete with condensed milk waited on my night table.
The dogs frittered around nipping at each other and
jumped on the bed as I snuggled myself in for the night
and set the TV shutoff timer for thirty minutes.
The news was indeed boring and I wondered
why those in power seemed lost in their own self-
aggrandizement without concern for the rest of the
people. But what else is new, I thought. The world is
what it is and one has to make the best of conditions.
Even Richard, who claims to be astute in the ways of the
world, is only interested in himself when it comes down
to it. I made the decision to get rid of the encumbrance
he had become in my life.
I tossed about for a while and turned off the TV
without waiting for the timer to shut it. The decision
to end our life together caused me to feel dismay. It was
too sad that relationships always came to this juncture.
I lay there for a while and decided to make another cup
of tea. The dogs followed me into the kitchen and as I
waited for the kettle to boil, I noticed the book on the
entry table where I had put it when I came in and took
it into the bedroom with my cup of tea.