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and hung up the phone angrily. Now I would have to be
linecook as well as hostess. Why was there always some
idiotic annoyance to have to deal with?
Garcia is a fairly reliable worker and even though he
does have periodic bouts with the bottle he always does
his job. Well, almost always. Tonight is the last night of
the week so I will have at least two days to recuperate
from the Saturday night madness. Tomorrow, I promise
myself, I will get into the car and take a long drive
maybe to Cape Cod. Richard won’t be home this week
and I actually relish the time I can have to myself. We’ll
speak on the phone and swear eternal love to each other
but somehow I don’t get the thrill that it had originally
given me when he did swear his love.
The night was without incident and when I
closed at 1 a.m. I took one last look around the room and
the kitchen. Reaching for the light switch in the kitchen
I noticed a book, the
Book of Five Rings
by Musashi.
That had to be one of Garcia’s.
A Book of Five Rings - The
Classic Manual of Strategy for Warriors.
Offhandedly, I
thought that if Garcia was reading that then he probably
shouldn’t have gotten hurt during his practice. I picked
it up and quickly thumbed through it stopping to briefly
read subtitles called “attitudes of attack/no-attack,”
“becoming the enemy,” “nine principles of strategy,” and
other strange looking subjects. Typical macho bullshit,
I thought and roughly put it back on the pile of junk in
the corner.
Locking the restaurant, I walked towards the
car, carefully looking in both directions as I approached