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 the lady of the rings 
There has to be someone who could understand me and
be sympathetic to my ideals. I simply will not stand for
anything else. In my mind and heart I know I am right.
What was that idea I read in a book about independent
women? Something about never relinquishing your hold
on your own life? Ok, I’m good at that but why is there
always the idea that something was missing?
Calling the dogs I walked towards my car. I
wasn’t in a rush knowing my routine and knowing
exactly what had to be done and how my staff was
expected to function and behave. The routine had
become a set of actions totally without feeling. The lack
of passion that was developing was starting to take hold
of my whole life. My children had long since left the nest
and even with Richard, I feel alone and sometimes go to
the extreme of feeling alienated from everything. Even
sex has become too matter of fact and though he empties
himself inside of me, and I am sure he is faithful; I sense
that he isn’t really concerned with my needs. He has
become mechanical and I have begun to lose respect for
I dropped the dogs off at home and busied
myself by jumping into a delicious bubble bath for a
few minutes before dressing for the afternoon and
evening. The stereo was playing soft jazz and as I was
preparing to leave, the phone rang and Marisa, one of
my waitstaff, whined into the phone saying that Garcia,
the linecook had called saying he wouldn’t be in because
he had gotten hurt during his karate workout. “Damn,”
I said in no uncertain terms. “Ok, I’ll be right down,”