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when matters do get out of hand. He travels a great deal
of the time and I felt that that should have been enough
to draw us closer to each other. Sometimes it does but
mostly it doesn’t. I am becoming disenchanted with him
and wonder if it is time for me to move along. Even if I
do “move along,” the next relationship would probably
go in the same manner. A self-proclaimed destiny?
Perhaps, but oh well, such is life and instinctively I
know that something better has to exist.
I smiled at the bright hot sun and looked at my
watch realizing that it was now past noon and it was
time to get ready for work. I own a restaurant and have
to get the kitchen prepped for the afternoon high tea and
early dinner crowd. I built the business from scratch and
as a result of my eclectic interests have turned it into a
serious destination dining place and have recently been
awarded a five star rating from a prominent gourmet
association. I am quite proud of my accomplishment
and I am able to keep things under control by myself
never having to rely on any outside help, but I have
paid dearly for my success in many ways including my
emotions and health.
Never one to ask for helpwhere help didnot seem
to be without great cost to me, there have been many
times that I have come close to failure but I would dig
into my psyche and with sheer determination save my
pride and joy. Now, as I think about it, I wonder why I
couldn’t maintain a relationship and always felt I was in
competition with anyone I was involved with. Or they
succumbed to their own inadequacies relative to me.