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 the lady of the rings 
Bright and charming, when I want to be, I am
self-educated and thought of as quite a “handsome”
woman; a term that I always felt was antiquated but
nonetheless quite explanatory. I have to the best of my
memory always exhibited all of the good graces of a life
of relative grandeur won through the hardships I have
had to overcome. My childhood did not provide me with
any special favors aside from brains and adequate good
looks that have carried me through various relations
with men and two failed marriages.
While looking at the dogs in their apparently
sincere efforts to catch the birds, I thought about the
previous evening’s bridge game with friends that
eventually turned to the age old conversation of why
women had to constantly put up with unanswered
questions about relationships in their business and
personal lives. The answers to the dif f icult ies my
friends, and certainly my own self, consistently become
a normal part of any evening’s discussions.
I thought about Richard, my current lover, and
though I feel very much in love with him, I always
wonder why he is unable to commit to me in marriage
even though he admits he loves me as well. He doesn’t
seem able to break out of his self-imposed entrapment
in his own little world. We share things together and
even enjoy the differences of opinion in matters of
the arts, theater, and politics. The five years we have
been together have been filled with all of the normal
and natural deviation that any relationship would
necessarily endure. We are always able to quell things