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Mike Walsh • 
Welcome to My World
the upright lines of buildings parallel to the canvas edges. As
the multitude of lines criss-crossed on the dark background
they created the shapes I needed for my rectangular shaped
windows. I filled in every window I chose with gesso as a
white box. After all these windows dried I painted over the
gesso with the color I selected for each. The white gesso base
gave brilliance to the colors.
Time bet.
These are very popular paintings at shows. And they
win awards. Every time I have exhibited any, they always
draw a small group of people who gather by them and
discuss how the artist accomplished the effect.
In this section I have featured six of the series. Number
seven is the last one I did, combining God’s creation and
man’s. This painting hangs in my daughter’s house.
City Lights 6
, oil on canvas 36” x 48”