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Mike Walsh • 
Welcome to My World
Spending my entire working life in New York City seems to
contradict my claim to be a painter of many varied subjects.
But my geographical location in life has never hampered
my desire to explore many ranges of expression through art.
I had always found love of subject without being much of
a traveler. My paintings were always challenges. “I can do
that,” was always my raison d’etre.
I consider myself a painter of “representational” realism.
To me, this means each painting is rendered to capture a
scene purely by composition, form, color and detail. I hope
the viewer senses the same sentiment I felt in creating the
Never feeling limited to one category of endeavor, I
paint what inspires me at the moment. The body of work,
produced over many years, covers a variety of themes. These
favored categories are:
• Cityscapes • Seascapes • Wildlife • Landscapes
The majority of endeavors are painted in oil, which is a
very forgiving medium, especially on large scale canvases.
I have done paintings as large as six or eight feet wide
and as small as ten inches wide. This is not to underrate
watercolor as a medium. I love working with either gouache
or transparent watercolors. It is merely a matter of what you
are planning to achieve and how to go about it.
As a graphic designer I had always strived to reach
beyond the mundane. Work, work, work until that vision has
been captured either as print media or paintings.