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Welcome to My World / Part 1
This series of paintings started as an experiment. I was
working late in Manhattan one wintry night. As I walked
to Penn Station crossing Madison Avenue I was entranced
at one point by the way varied lights from buildings
seemed to overlap one another. As I rode home I wondered
if I could create a night scene on canvas by using only the
square shapes of bright lights to define buildings on a dark
background. It wasn’t easy.
Here’s how I did it...I painted the background first on a
fairly large canvas, 36” x 48”. I started with an almost blue/
black background at the base and lightened it slightly as I
got to the top. I chose a vanishing point on the top left of the
canvas and one to the right, off the canvas. With a sharpened
yellow pastel pencil I drew very fine lines on the dark
surface connecting to both vanishing points. Then I drew the
City Lights 5
, oil on canvas 36” x 48”